Loco Box
A line of effects that were made in Japan, Loco Box arrived on the scene in the mid- to late- seventies and continued throughout the eighties. The earliest Loco Box effects were kind of funky and had some cool names and graphics; these included the Mysto-Dysto, Tubemaniax, Rotophase, Cosmo Chorus, Spaceship Flanger, and The Choker (compressor). These effects were also being sold by Guyatone with different model names (the Guyatone Box series). In the mid-eighties, the Loco Box name was used on a series of black generic Japanese effects, which were also being sold by Aria, Guyatone, and others.

Locobox Rotophase '70ies

 Locobox Rotophase '70ies
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