Fender Stratocaster 1963 'Jackie'

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Refinished genuine sixties stratocaster

Fender stratocaster 1962 jackie

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  • Fender stratocaster 1962 jackie
  • Fender stratocaster 1962 jackie


Refinished genuine sixties stratocaster - seen the world, wibes and trembles when played blues man tool - Jackie (neck dated 2Aug62 B) Guitar neckplate and other details hints that this is 1963! 1962/63 era mojo piece. Things to note! : - Original color was 'red over sunburst', now current black finish. - Volume pot changed to CTS 250k tech-spec original, all rest from yr 1962 - 5 way mic switch - Original pickups (2 with new hookup wires) - Refretted curved fingerboard - Original green guard, once had 2 toggle switches installed, now barely visible stains can be seen in guard, pro repair! Pls contact me directly! tel +358405004003


Ehto Seen the world
Originality Original
Manufacturing year sixties
Serial # L19xxx
Country of Manufacture Yhdysvallat
Collectability Seldom seen
Sales Type Private Collection (ask price)

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