Fuzz Ray Nocturne

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 NOCTURNE FUZZ-RAY vintage garage fuzz

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  •  NOCTURNE FUZZ-RAY vintage garage fuzz


The NOCTURNE FUZZ-RAY™ vintage garage fuzz and my need for fat sexy smooth fuzz to make a pedal Filtertron'd Gretsch guitars can enjoy. Plenty of fuzz pedals out there that favor single coils.. but a Gretsch with filters has one now, ... it is creamy fat garage fuzz that is based off an early 60s british design fuzz with a twist of course. uses spec'd and tested BC108/BC109 silicon trannies. High quality alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, metal film resistors and metal film caps, chrome bezel w/ red led) etc for good measure. As the volume is turned up so does the grind of the fuzz and its snarl, it can get extremely loud so you dont have to worry about being lost in the mix.


Serial # Custom shop
Manufacturing year 2010 - newer
Ehto Good
Tyyppi Fuzz
Electronics (D/A) Analog
Sales Type Private Collection (ask price)
Originality Original
Collectability Seldom seen
Country of Manufacture Yhdysvallat

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