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Fender Stratocaster American Vintage ’62 Sherwood Green Metallic Slab Rosewood

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t’s Sherwood Green metallic, which was first available as a Fender custom colour between 1960 and 1965, and based on a colour used by Ford on their gas guzzlers from 1957. My camera tends to give a blue cast so these photos really don’t do it justice. Search “Sherwood Green Stratocaster” on Google Images to see better representations of the true colour.

The five-way switch that was supplied separately with the guitar has been fitted to enable selection of the out-of-phase tones.

The neck is a tinted medium C profile. It has a dark slab rosewood fingerboard with a 7.25” radius and vintage-style frets.

It has been played but well looked after. There are a few very small marks to the body but fewer that you might expect on a nitro finish guitar that’s nearly twenty years old and nothing you can see from three feet away. There are some faint strum marks on the front and light buckle rash on the back, none of which has broken the surface colour and only visible if you look under a strong light. It all adds to a nice vintage feel.

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Fender Stratocaster CS ’57 NAMM 2SB

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Gibson ES-5 Custom Shop historic 1998 Natural refin

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